Are you the UNDERDOG – feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, depressed, and down on yourself?

Do you feel like nobody ‘’gets’’ you or really understands what it is like to live your life?

ARE YOU SICK OF IT? Heck yes, you are sick and tired of running in circles and getting nowhere.

Smart Sexy Coaching can help you climb out of that hole and start living your life the way you’ve imagined. Through guided Coaching, you will be able to toss the cape and drape yourself with high self-esteem and the confidence and it takes to go from Underdog to living your fantasy.

Happy Group Coaching SessionDo you want to live your DREAM LIFE but think it’s not possible?

Are you tired of HOLDING BACK YOUR UNIQUENESS as others pass you by in business and personal relationships?

Want to shake it up and live full out?

If you answered, ”yes” to any of those three questions, you are ready to be coached into moving forward instead of staying stuck.

Smart Sexy Coaching is a group program for those who aren’t quite ready for one-on-one services yet, but know they need support. Participants will learn to transform fear into power, overcome objections, and break out their brilliance in a safe environment.


Who Am I?

01-drgaylehall-0076So why should you listen to me? I have been in your shoes. I have walked that walk. People see me and think I have always been successful, but this just isn’t so. If you were to read my book, Sucker Punched! How to Rise to the Top After Being Punched Down, you would discover the following about me, your Lifestyle Success Coach: I thought I was too stupid to go to college (after all, that’s what I had been told), I felt like an ugly duckling for the first 16 years of my life because I was brutally bullied, I picked at myself leaving scabs and scars because I was always so nervous and developed Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) because of this, I was shamed for being divorced (even though both of my husbands cheated on me), I slept in my car with a brand new baby for four days to keep from being found by my abusive husband (yes, I was a victim of Domestic Violence for seven years), I had money fears for most of my life – even when I was making a six figure income, I always had to look perfect to go out into public (until five years ago), I’ve been humiliated by former bosses, husbands, boyfriends, and family members…so there is a partial list of why you should listen to me. I have been depressed, I’ve had to take anti-anxiety meds, I’ve had a nervous breakdown at one point in my life, and I have been coached by three professionals, as well as having three life mentors.

Gayle Joplin Hall, PhD, otherwise known as Dr. Hall on Call®.

Dr. Hall on Call’s mission in life is to help many people on a broad scale, while still changing lives one person at a time. Her gift to humanity is the ability to help people by listening well, analyzing behavior, figuring out the patterns of association between words and actions, and forming a conclusion for the reasons why people do what they do. Then, Dr. Gayle guides people toward making the best choices for themselves.

Dr. Gayle has studied people for over two decades and is an expert in many fields, including relationships, self-esteem and confidence, happiness, love, dating, divorce, PTSD, anxiety, juggling careers with children, step families, fear, patterns of behavior, dream analogy, domestic violence, geriatrics, and conflict resolution (just to name a few).

Why is Dr.Gayle considered an expert or authority figure? She has given over 10,000 working with the homeless population (all ages, but especially focusing on women and children), domestic violence, 32 families with Hospice, United Way Agencies, YWCA, BACA, Isolated Elderly, and Veterans (USO).

So, not only does Dr. Gayle have the credentials hanging on her walls, she is street smart from thousands of hours with hands-on-learning.


You’re Likely Reading This For A Reason…

descriptions-of-domestic-violence1-300x199The problem is that you are not HAPPY in your life right now. In fact, if you summed it all up, you might even say that your life is a bit crappy at the moment because of certain conditions. Perhaps you are depressed, maybe you are struggling with job loss, you may be fighting day in and day out with your partner or have some other relationship issue, or worse yet, you might be just miserable with your life and not even know why!

I get it…I get the fact that you are afraid to make changes in your life. But, here is the problem. It is worse than you think. If you decide to do nothing, to make NO changes to what is happening right now in your life, nothing will change. That is a given.  How long can you keep on just keeping on? Or, a better question would be, HOW LONG DO YOU WANT TO KEEP ON JUST KEEPING ON THE WAY IT IS RIGHT NOW?  Are you really wanting to just ‘’settle’’ in your life?  Don’t you think you deserve better than that?


Will This Work For You?

Are you questioning if this will work for you – a group format for Smart Sexy Coaching? I bet that if we were out to lunch or just having coffee, you would ask me some questions, so let me tell you some that have been asked. Perhaps these will help you, also:


Q: I can’t be on time for every call on Tuesday. What am I going to do if I sign up as a member and can’t make the calls? I value the information and don’t want to miss out on anything. Help!

Answer: The calls are all recorded. They are made available within 48 hours of the original recording for any member. So, even if you cannot make it to the original call, it will always be available for listening or downloading within 48 hours. You won’t miss anything.


Q: Is there any topic you won’t be discussing? I need help with relationship and boyfriend problems – mostly sex stuff.

Answer: The coaching/teaching calls are mainly decided on by the listening audience. Dr. Gayle asks her listeners to pm or write in with topics for discussion. Without being raunchy, yes, we will be talking about sex problems or issues sometimes. And, quite commonly, the questions are related in one way or another to relationship troubles or issues.


Q: How do I know that MY question will ever be selected as one of the chosen ones for teaching or coaching? What if I am on every call and my question is never addressed?

Answer: This is a great question, so thank you for asking this. If the question is so extreme that it would relate to only one or two people, then more than likely it will NOT end up being a conversation/coaching session on a Tuesday night. However, get this…YOU have access as a member to a private forum Facebook Group. In that group, you can ask and answer questions with other members. Additionally, I will be in the forum twice weekly for 30 minutes each time to answer questions. So, your question would probably get answered.


Q: I am very shy. I don’t want anyone to know that I am seeking Coaching services or help of any kind. How do I handle that?

Answer: Say nothing to anyone. You would be joining from the privacy of your own home. You don’t have to ever get on web chat or show your picture, etc. You can totally protect your privacy and remain anonymous.


Q: How long will you offer this coaching for free?

Answer: This is a LIMITED TIME offer to you and others.  My in-person face-to-face rate for 75 minutes is $450.00 so you’re getting REAL VALUE. The clients who see me twice each week experience amazing results. Take advantage of it now as this again is only being offered for a limited time.


Here’s What Members Get

  • Every first and second Tuesday Dr. Gayle hosts her Smart, Sexy Coaching Group Calls — calls will be ~30-40 minutes with a 15 minute Q&A at the end
  • Every third Tuesday Dr. Gayle hosts a Q&A Call — up to 2 hours in length!
  • Chat & Mingle with other members & Dr. Gayle in a Private Facebook Group
  • And join Dr. Gayle LIVE on Facebook twice weekly for 30 minute chat sessions — get your questions answered personally!


How To Get Started!

Now, all you have to do is enter your email below and you’ll receive the call details as well as my video newsletter. Dr. Gayle wants to help you “get your happy back, fight fear, learn about yourself so you can grow and glow, and live your best life now.” What are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose. Take some action and just do this for yourself!

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Dr. Gayle can’t wait to SEE YOU on the calls.  It will be wonderful helping you discover your joy and digging through CRAP so you can live the life you have been dreaming about.